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Hi! I'm Loryn & I'm already psyched to meet you!

Loryn Design - Graphic Design, Web Design

I believe wholeheartedly in you and your business!

Your business, you brand, and YOU deserve to be celebrated! Has anyone told you that yet? You better believe it! My mission is to help you allow your business to shine online and in print. I create cohesive brand identities and design materials that support the mission of your company and speak to you as a business owner! Life is too short to not be extra proud of your brand... I'm the girl that's going to make it happen!

I'm a web designer, graphic artist, and brand stylist  based in western Massachusetts.

I'm nearly obsessed with the Pioneer Valley & the vast array of adventure that lies in New England! It is home to some of the most quirky, delightful businesses and owners who have the biggest hearts. My passion lies in helping them shine on the big stage! (Bonus!: As a trained photographer & experienced writing tutor, I can offer assistance in taking versatile photos and copy writing to all of my incredible clients! Just a few of my many hats.)

I am a champion of the phrase, "It's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance!"

(Thanks for that one, Kid President!) I am enthusiastic, expressive, and joyful, and I seek to work with clients who have a similar zest for life and their business! We were made to be awesome, and that's the attitude I aim to wake up with every day. By deciding to work with me means were choosing to be pals, and these are some things I think my pals ought to know....

I used to be a photographer at Walt Disney World in Florida!

I completed the Disney College Program in 2012 after graduating college, and worked for the Mouse until December 2017. It was the most rewarding position, and I gained a wealth of knowledge about how Disney trains employees, markets to consumers, and spreads GOOD through the world! I have an unshakeable, all-encompassing passion for everything Disney! Working for Disney taught me how find the magic in every day life, and I am a better human, co-worker, and friend because of it.

I am a life-long learner, strong advocate for education, and yes, I miss writing history papers...!

I graduated from Elms College with two Bachelors of Art Degrees - one in graphic design, and one in history. Because of my love for painting and story telling, I followed my dreams in both directions! I am fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, Mac OS & Windows OS.

So far, my travels have taken me to three continents, & I am learning French so I can order coffee in Paris one day.

"Have passport, will travel!" certainly applies! I have fallen in love with Mallorca, San Francisco, Vermont, and Nashville, and I am currently concentrating on beautiful New England - right in my own backyard! But I've always got my eye on the next adventure, which I hope soon takes me to Colorado, Washington D.C., and Scotland!

Let's chat about how, together, we can make the world a bit more awesome.

I can't wait to hear all about you and your business!

I could not be happier with my experience with Loryn Design! Loryn took all the vague ideas for what I wanted my website to be and designed a logo and full website that was true to my personality and my business. Since releasing my website, she regularly checks in with me to see if I need any further guidance or assistance and anytime a new feature becomes available, she helps me implement it right away. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Sarah W. Cornett, LMT, Owner & Massage Therapist

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