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"It is our duty to give the world a reason to dance."

- Kid President

I have two primary beliefs about myself:

In my heart, I have always believed we were put on this Earth to be good to one another: to speak kind words, to encourage, to cherish, to celebrate. Equally important is acknowledging the good that others are doing for those who need support. Raising money for charity has become an intrinsic part of who I am. Secondly: my gifts and talent lie in my artistic & design ability, and I was given such gifts in order to celebrate as many people on this earth as possible, and all they have to give this world. 

The Confetti & Community Project was born from a desire to give back to the myriad of big-hearted non-profits that are doing incredible work to support their causes. A goal of my business has always been to provide donations of some kind and I wanted to actively involve my clients in the process. 

For each paying client that chooses to work with Loryn Design, I will donate my time & artistry to work on a project for a non-profit of their choice. I also invite community members to nominate a charity that is near & dear to their hearts, & who they believe deserves expertly designed marketing materials to spread the word about their cause. 

To nominate a non-profit, please fill out the form below. 

For more information about The Confetti & Community Project, please email us.


I once found a bird with a broken leg, in distress, while on a bikeride. My heart broke into a thousand pieces knowing I could only move the bird to a more comfortable, grassy area and pray that his life ended before he felt much more pain. This story was not unlike much of my life, where I have grieved desperately for pets, cringed at the sad faces in pet stores, never once intentionally harmed a forest creature, insect or bug, cried at articles on poaching or animal abuse, and making it my mission to help any injured creature that found itself in my backyard. Nothing quite moves me like these causes. The weight I carried in my heart for that bird told me that I was meant to give back to organizations that stood up for animals. 
The following organizations are ones that I support & have a passion for, but am not limited to.
I consider any reputable cause to be something worth donating time, energy & money towards. I eagerly await your nominations to learn more about amazing organizations in our community!
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