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Loryn Designs - Heartstone Goldens
Loryn Designs - Pleasant Street Auto
Loryn Designs - Jen Gormley Photos
Loryn Designs - Carriagetown
Loryn Designs - Granby Pres. Society
Loryn Design - TRACPAC Insurance Ab.
Loryn Designs - Brooks Real Estate
Loryn Designs The Towing Consultants
Loryn Designs - Branding Materials
  • I have an unshakeable, all-encompassing passion for everything Disney!

  • I am fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, Mac OS, & Windows OS.

  • My fur-siblings (6 golden retrievers) are the coolest beings on the planet
    (My human sister, Brie, is pretty wonderful, too!)

  • I specialize in web design, brand advertising, digital marketing & social media

  • I am learning to speak French so I can order coffee in Paris (Que je peux un cafe avec de la sucre, s'il vous plait?)

  • I am a photographer at Disney's Hollywood Studios in central Florida. The Disney College Program, Fall 2012 was the start of my dream come true!

  • My travels have taken me to three continents! Next up? Colorado, Washington DC, and Scotland.

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