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Why I Love My Job

I am one of those lucky gal's who get to wake up every morning and have a job that they truly love (well, actually, 4 that I truly love-- I work at Disney World, for gosh sakes!). I try and practice sincere gratitude over this and my many blessings in life daily, but today I felt additional swelling of affection for my chosen profession. Yes, I get to be creative every day, and express my ideas in a medium that can be accessed across the world - whoa! But there is another side to being a designer that I am most fortunate to enjoy.

I have always been a "people person"; I am exceptionally in tune with others' emotions and can skillfully read others and "work a room". A genuine smile and optimistic personality can do wonders in any occupation, I assure you, as I have worked within many! Working for Disney has amplified this quality, being that I interacted with hundreds of guests daily in various settings and conditions. My favorite part of that job? Hearing the stories from guests; their experiences, triumphs, and excitement as they explore the most magical world on Earth. And I have found that I garner the same affection for my clients as I do for my guests at Disney. I am working with a new business in the area - Elegancia Banquet Event & Meeting House - to give them a jazzy website as they begin to advertise their space. It's truly magnificent, what they've accomplished at this location! I will elaborate more on this when I reveal their website. But my revelation today came from researching this trio of sisters (who already own a successful, delicious restaurant - Fernandez Family Restaurant) and how they developed Elegancia. I've met with the three women twice so far, and I can't say enough wonderful things about them already! They are hard working, dedicated, successful entrepreneurial women/wives/mothers and I found myself inspired by their joy. I adored peppering them with questions, sharing stories, and absorbing their ideas. I feel connected to them! As I was researching for their site and combing through Elegancia's FaceBook page for additional information, I can hear my inner self rooting for them as I found photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony, their first event in the new space, and their praise for their parents, husbands, and children for supporting their dreams. Warmed my little heart! That is why I love this job, and why I will continue to pursue clients who are making a difference in their communities.

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