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A Peek Into My iPod

Music has been integral in my design process - I can work without it, but I've noticed in the recent months that it improves my ideas by creating a relaxing environment. I work in an office that welcomes the music (not to be blasted for all to hear, but it doesn't bother anyone!) so I usually have some playlist or Pandora station playing. This, combined with autumn being the "spend hours and hours searching for recital music", means I've discovered new music and have it playing on repeat in my head, at the dance studio, and on my work computer. Here's what I've been listening to lately....

Dance with Me Tonight - Olly Murs

Not only is he absolutely adorable, but this song is ridiculously catchy and I've found myself having a dance session in my kitchen to it more than once. So much so, that I choreographed to it for my older tap students. This has led me to searching for more of his music, and I love his do-wop, swing feel to his songs.

Dear Future Husband - Megan Trainor

I'll willingly admit I'm obsessed with her! I love "All About That Bass" (if you don't think that song is catchy as all heck, you're lying to yourself!) and tried out her Pandora station. All of her songs from her new album that I've heard are great, and exactly what I want from a tune; catchy, dance-able, and clever lyrics. She's a rock star and so is this song.

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

I don't care what ya'll think about her or her music. If this song doesn't make you bust out in song and dance every time you hear it (yes, more dance parties in my kitchen!), I don't know where you came from. This is a soul shakin' tune! And I love it from beginning to end.

Absolutely Me - Caro Emerald

Emerald is a jazz goddess! I've been listening to the studio version, but you've got to see her live - she is all that and a bag of tap shoes! So catchy, such a good groove.

The designs I've been working on have been more punchy, bold, and feisty. I see the correllation!

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