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Heartstone goldens is a hobby based kennel breeder of golden retrievers in western MA, run by a kindhearted, vibrant woman named Nancy - or, as I refer to her as, Mom! I am the luckiest to have the support and unending faith of my mom in my career aspirations. Hers was the second business I made a website for over two years ago; she let me experiment and really create my vision. I really loved the original design and got to play with a lot of features that the program offers. However, I could tell that it was a first draft, and needed an update, especially considering my mom is breeding another of our dogs this spring!

The inspiration for an update came from new photos - twice last year my mom hired PugShot Pet Photography to take photos of our dogs and our family. The photos are gorgeous and beautifully represent our family and my moms business, and needed to be shown to the world! You can see on the front page that I implemented them and they make such a statement! Photos speak thousands of words, and I truly know any potential client of my moms will be drawn to the business through these photos displayed so perfectly.

I am in love with the feel of this site; I love the black and white photo with the white gradient over the rock background, the white box with text, and a small pop of blue with the heart. It's minimalistic, but impactful. Those themes are continued through the rest of the pages....

I love how on the Gallery and Blog pages, I took away the white gradient over the rocks. I think it makes an impact, accentuating the photos.

Speaking of blog, I made one for Heartstone Goldens to post news about the dogs and their photos from the shows my mom attends with them. I see this as being a really useful tool to display show progress as well as news about the dogs themselves! I had been using this format on the "Litters" section already, and look forward to it again this spring.

A major addition to the design was the logo...

and I'm very much in love with it! The font is just beautiful, and it incorporates the same font for the bottom letters as on the website. The beautiful "H" is used as the icon for the site - it is one of my favorite fonts I've ever come across!

Please visit to check out the work I did (and to see progress on the beautiful goldens my family loves SO much!)

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