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Portfolio - Jen Gormley Photography

Taking on the project of designing a website for Jen Gormley Photography was a no-brainer. Jen is a gem of a person, and truly enthusiastic about her hobby of photography turning into an official business. She is truly talented and comes highly recommended by her clients thus-far, and I knew that showcasing her work on an official business website was only going to elevate her accessibility and increase her clients!

Her "About Me" page was my favorite finished piece of the website. From a design perspective, "About Me" pages are a gargantuan challenge! Creating a page that entices the viewer visually, represents the client(s) authentically, and doesn't bore the heck out of the viewer has never been a painless task for me. I usually draw out a handful of layout ideas on paper, pick my favorite to create on screen, and then go through an additional few drafts before something "clicks" and I consider it done!

With Jen, the key was accessing these gorgeous photos by Ron Lemlin Photography. My original layout with stock photos for temporary fillers wasn't organized optimally for three portrait photos. It took me days of racking my brain, drawing, and reorganizing 3 rectangle shapes for the frame idea to click! I had toyed with the idea of putting Jens photo in a frame on the front page to add interest, and it made aesthetic sense to carry it through to this page. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out - it represents Jen as a person and photographer, as well as the nature of her business. I am tickled pink that she loved the idea as well!

Biggest lesson with Jen's site? Trust your gut, and as far as your ideas go - go with the flow! Keep working, even if you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. All roads have bumps and detours. The destination awaits!

My deepest thanks to Jen for giving me the honor of working on your website and creating a beautiful theme for your business. It has been my pleasure to work on this project and help you get your online presence up and running! Please check out Jen Gormley Photography here:

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