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"Unbelievable Tribute"

It's just plain cool to be recognized for your work - but it's even more exciting to be recognized for work you do that is really a project of passion. Last month, I attended a funeral on behalf of the Statewide Towing Association of MA for Kevin St. Pierre, a tow truck driver who was killed in the line of duty. With the permision of the STA and Kevin's family, I made a series of videos for social media promoting the Move Over Law and getting the word out about safe driving. This past week, AmericanTowmanTV posted a news story on their channel about the impressive turnout for this young man's funeral, and included the entirety of one of the videos I made. I am honored to work for Hampshire Towing and to have been a part of this day - hopefully the video will reach even 1 person who thinks twice while they're on the road.

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