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Eight Decades of Adventure - GRAPHIC DESIGN

I am a lucky lady to have a Grandmother as energetic, adventurous, and compassionate as any person I've ever known! My sweet Gram is turning 80 years old on August 11, and my family threw her a wild surprise party, where 40 of her closest, long-time friends and family joined in on the fun!

I was Decorator-in-Chief and chose to make a graphic comprising of a multitude of facts about the year 1935. This is a trend I spotted on Pinterest (naturally) and decided to add a bit of information I knew my Gram would appreciate specifically, as well as tie in (pun intended...) our Tie-Dye theme! Highlights: Sharing a birthday year with Julie Andrews, Mary being the #1 baby name, the cost of a stylish dress (she has always been an avid sewer and clothes-maker), and of course, the men's brief's graphic!

The tie-dye was a difficult theme to incorporate - much more than I expected it to be! I have, in my design arsenal, a wild pack of watercolor swatches that I was able to use very effectively. Combined with the black background to make it all pop (I find brightly colored text works SO much better on black), I think I had a hit. What do you think?

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