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Portfolio - Pic's Pub & Pizzeria

As my first official foray designing for the restaurant business, I am lucky to have had the total & complete trust of the family who owns Pic's Pub! As a huge fan of the restaurant, I was beyond psyched to have the opportunity to help them solidify a brand of their own.

One of my favorite aspects of this project was being able to photograph at the restaurant. The pizza looks absolutely incredible! I adore how the homepage photograph pops out and truly encompasses the niche of the bar. Why would you come to Pic's? For the brick oven pizza, of course! And, as anyone who's ever been to Pic's can attest, this is a bar that has that "Cheers-y" atmosphere. A place filled with regulars, families, couples, and pals, there is an air of familiarity. It's a low-key spot where you can feel "at home".

The goal was simple: give the restaurant a place to showcase their menu, highlight music events happening every weekend, and display their contact info. Not too difficult, right? Yet sometimes the most simple of tasks are the most challenging. I am crazy about the wooden background, the energetic photos, and the new logo. Patience is quite the virtue and as much as I was challenged by this design project, I am extremely proud of the result!

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