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When working for a company that specializes in all things automotive, the opportunities to be festive are few and far between! However - I'm extremely lucky to work with a group of managers who accept (and dare I say, encourage!) my love of word puns and adorable woodland creatures. My favorite creative elements gelled exquisitely with the nuts-and-bolts (pun very much intended!) of the information.

This is an exclusive offer to Pleasant Street Auto's Customer Loyalty Email Program. As it would be one of many ads to fly through our customer's inbox, I knew it had to be visually enticing, have a catchy title slogan, and draw the customer down the ad to the important information. Wouldn't this rudolph-and-co blazened ad be enough to have you give your mechanic a call? At the very least, our customers know we appreciate a good pun. But I am happy to announce that we already have gotten calls for the special. Success!

The check-list that goes with the ad will be used for our mechanics while they're completing the work on the customers vehicle. I took just as much time to perfect the check-list as the ad because the customers will recieve it at the completion of the car work. This project shows the power of continuity!

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of working on this ad special. The colors came together quickly, I used small elements that have been seen on other ads for continuity, and the baby deer make my heart swell! I'll treasure the memories of making my co-workers "find the 3 puns" by telling them, "You have to giggle three times!". Happy Winter!

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