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Portfolio - Cheshire Village Pizza

Creating a brand new website for Cheshire Village Pizza has been one of my favorite projects to date! This fantastic, family run pizzeria & restaurant not only serves the most delicious food I've had in years, but the entire establishment is created with love!

CVP had little to no online presence prior to the design of this website. The success is credited to good, old fashioned word of mouth advertising to keep and get people in the door! The owners decided they needed a new website after their "1000th call" asking if their menu was online! The owners would scan or fax their menu to people, or read over pricing and food options over the phone. For a busy restaurant, this can be timely AND inefficient!

I created a design that was classic - red, black and white, with eye-popping imagery that makes you want to dive right into the place! Cheshire Village Pizza isn't about the "frills" - it's main concern is serving good food! And I believe the website reflects that. I was lucky enough to be asked to take the photos on the website (and sample all the offerings!), and the imagery still makes my mouth water! Simple and straight to the point was the name of the game, and not CVP has a beautiful, eye-catching website to compliment the restaurants' dynamic atmosphere.

Check out Cheshire Village Pizza!

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