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Logo Design - Ohana School of Performing Arts

Loryn Design - Ohana School of Performing Arts

As a designer, one of the greatest gifts I'm ever given is the trust of a close friend who allows me to help create the brand of their business. For so many, their business is akin to their child, and with it comes a mighty responsibility to help represent it well. I take this role seriously and with a grateful heart!

My dear, long-time friend, Ashley Kohl, will be taking over the reigns of her mother's dance studio, Technique Studio of Dance in August 2016. There is so much excitement ahead for this project! Not only am I able to expand my creativity in helping Ashley with her digital advertising and branding, but this studio will impact me personally as well. I've danced and taught classes at Technique Studio of Dance since 2001, and am looking forward to watching Ashley soar into success as her friend, graphic designer, and now - employee!

The logo is special! Ashley's mother, Darlene, has the most gorgeous calligraphic hand writing, and to pay tribute to this incredible gift she is giving her daughter, Ashley wanted the Ohana lettering to be in her handwriting. How stinkin' awesome is that?! We love the fluidity and "imperfections" that the wording exudes. Gives it so much character!

The burst, as it is affectionately coined, started off as a "filler" logo - something I wanted to show Ashley as a simple preview to a graphic we'd eventually create. (Ashley needed a website & temporary STAT, to start advertising this past May.) The colors were part of a scheme I created for her. But the more Ashley looked at this burst, the more she loved it, and the more others complimented her on it! After weeks of new sketches & ideas, she let me know that she loved this little burst, and wanted to keep it!

This project has been one of most comprehensive branding packages to date. I am ecstatic to break down my process in entries to come! Stay tuned!

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