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Anniversary Logo Design!

35 years in business is a big ol' deal, and the honor of designing a logo for social media and clothing items was such a treat!

I designed this revamp of the Pleasant Street Auto logo back in 2014 and it has show success across the board.

My first attempt, the regular logo with the red banner across, was met with great reviews from the owners. The red popped off our Facebook page and media items that advertised for the 35th Anniversary Party.

I decided on "version 3" when a commemorative t-shirt was going to be made. I didn't stick with the red banner version because of how it covered up most of the "PSA" in the center. (& truth be told, red wasn't in their color scheme, anyway. Blue fit much better!)

Having the first year of business as well as the celebratory year was a key element in the design that I wanted to incorporate, and the rest of the lettering unfolded from there. It is one of my favorite projects I've designed for the company!

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