Jazzed Up "Gift Certificate"

It's not every day I get to combine my design work with a few puns and use it for a family-related project!

Goal: to quickly whip up a gift card / gift announcement for a Groupon christmas present for a lovely couple! I had little time, but all I knew is I wanted a lobster & a funny pun. Success!

The text technique used in "Maine" is one of my favorites: reminiscent of an old postcard. I tried out a tutorial for the effect years ago and knew it was the perfect fit in this manner!

I hope Santa Claws was good to all of you this year!

(Ps. As much as I WISH I designed this hysterical lobster... I did not! Many thanks to the talented designer who did and lent me this creation, which was only used for personal use on this one occasion!)

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