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Jolly Birthday Invitation

Loryn Design Co - Poppins Inspired Invitation

A spectacular little girl in my life (hint: her name isn't Loryn!) was having a Jolly Holiday themed birthday party and needed a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious invitation to introduce the theme!

What is more iconic than Mary's beautiful parasol? Since the birthday girl had a costume to match Mary's "Jolly Holiday" outfit, I pulled colors directly from the movie scene. Finding a way to make the pink of her parasol flow with the bright red and blue was a challenge!

My goal was to create an invitation that invoked the whimsy & joy of my young friend (hint: she's not 10 either!), directly promoted the theme for parents who may not have seen the film, yet added a twist to typical MP designs. Calling this one a success!

To top it off, I created a Facebook cover photo for the event page. Push the branding (of anything!) everywhere, folks!

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