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Logo Update / Rebranding

The owner of Sunnytown Place approached me with ideas of how to rebrand her already existing logo & I was psyched to take on the challenge. It's an interesting opportunity to reimagine a design created by someone else! I surrender the vast majority of design inspiration to the designer of the original logo for this business, Daniel Holmes! A thoughtful and creative human who I am delighted to know!

The shape and black outline of the logo was all kept the same, and I agreed that it would be a shame to change such beautiful work! The main adjustments of logo part 2 are as follows:

- White text is now black text

- Green at the bottom of the inner image to ground the scene

- New background color

- 4 new icons, in color.

As businesses evolve, design aesthetic must grow with it. I am honored to have assisted in a small portion of this project!

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