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Business Cards: Loryn Design!

Loryn Design Business Card

Loryn Design Business Card

Do you ever look at your business cards and squeal with delight?! I hope you do... 'cause so do I! Something about designing for your own business never gets old. You know I'm all about the confetti and a great pop of pink - why not blast that all over my marketing collateral?

There's a rumor/rule/whatever you want to call it among the business owners that you have to choose neutral color palettes and keep you imagery away from flashy or vibrant in order to not alienate any potential customers, no matter where they're coming from. I'm here to call bluff on that one! You may be thinking that shade of pink is absolutely GORGEOUS (or hideous!), but it speaks to who I am as a designer and person. If the color pink throws you off, then so will be vibrant personality! My rule of thumb with my clients? Brand your business in a reflection of who YOU are! It is, by all accounts, an extension of YOU! And if you don't absolutely love it... or squeal when you see it... you've got a long road ahead of you!

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