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Loryn on Mass Appeal: Have Your Brand Stand Out During the Holidays!

Loryn Design Mass Appeal December 6 2018

Social media is oversaturated with companies selling, advertising, and pushing deals on consumers around the holidays. Everyone is trying to make their end-of-the-year goals, but so many get lost in the shuffle (or so we feel!) Folks are looking for deals on gifts throughout December and are actively consuming the media they see every day. As a business owner, we can answer their problems with the services we offer & products we sell… but how can your brand stand out among the competition during these busy days?

1. Stay True to Your Authenticity!

You have a rockin’ brand, your products and services are top notch, and you’ve been booking clients all year…. but suddenly, as the holidays roll around, you begin noticing your competition / others in your industry ALL over social media…. getting “likes”, “shares”, compliments, and seemingly ALL THE SALES. You may begin to question your methods of marketing because they are doing something different from you, but that may not feel genuine to you. STAY AUTHENTIC TO YOUR BRAND! Appreciate these instances as a learning lesson, but revel in the fact that people will do business with YOU because your way of doing business & your brand feels authentic and real! Try not to pay attention to others in your industry: you are on your own journey! Do not measure your abilities or work against theirs: doubt will hold you back! There are enough “sales” to go around and enough light for everyone to shine…. but in their OWN WAY! Remember: those who follow the path of others never stand apart!

2. BE your Brand EVERY DAY!

Once you are secure in your abilities and the power of your brand, you have to bring your A-game to your business each and every day! Keep reminders of your company’s values & mission at the forefront of your mind. Follow through what you promise to deliver and do so with enthusiasm & JOY! You are blessed to be doing what you LOVE, act like it! This alone with attract clients or business partners to you. You never know who you could be impacting by performing your job with cheer & unyielding enthusiasm. Side story: I have previously worked for Walt Disney World in Orlando where “PERFORMING” is a part of each and every role in the theme parks, whether on stage or not! I witnessed countless character performers interact with children young & old by creating unforgettable memories in the short 2 minutes they were together. The performers visit with hundreds of families a day, but these families remember these moments for a lifetime, and it is part of the magic that keeps them doing business with the company. If a performer doesn’t bring their best attitude to EACH interaction, Disney loses an opportunity to bring guests back to the parks. It can be a daunting task, but it is vital to your growth as a company to be a living example of your brand to ALL you meet!

3. Support OTHERS on Social Media!

All businesses HAVE to be on Social Media in some form, it’s imperative now! Throughout the holidays, businesses are focusing on selling their product or service, serving deals, anything they can do to get a sale. We all have something to sell, and we all have something to offer this world: how can we stand out against our competitors? Community over competition! Offer MORE than just your packages: offer helpful tips & tricks (even unrelated to your industry), offer a freebie that someone can download, put inspirational quotes instead of a sale. Make it about something BIGGER than just your business & making money! Give a portion of your proceeds to a local charity, offer something for free that you’d do just because you LOVE it! Give back to your community out of the goodness of your heart.

One of my former clients is a licensed massage therapist, and through the entire month of November she offers free 1 hour massages for all veterans and active duty military. She is not doing this out of expecting them to continue booking with her, or to up-sell them, or with any catch: helping better veterans lives is a cause that means something to her and she has this ability to give back in her own way, so she does it! THAT makes her stand out!

People want to support businesses that support others! Giving that good out into the world brings it back to you. We all have gifts and talents and it is our job to share them with the world. The more you share, the more you will attract people towards you, your business, and your offerings.

Make your brand associated with doing GOOD and spreading positivity & light. If it comes from the heart, from a place of authenticity, it will be easy and others will recognize it, and reward you for it. Your brand is an extension of who you are and to emulate it daily will bring you success!

Watch my Mass Appeal segment HERE:

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