The PLANNER of my dreams!

December is a BIG month for me, requiring a wild amount of planning: the holidays, a big holiday performance for the dance studio I manage, rewing/changing my health insurance plan.... but little excites me more than purchasing a new yearly planner!

... I know, I know! You can get those babies ANYWHERE. But I decided 2019 was going to be on another level in so many facets of my life... including preparing and planning!

I've spent months reviewing planners & finally settled on the fan-favorite, Erin Condren LifePlanner. This company is taking the planning world by storm! What sold me was the customizability: their slogan is "Plan your day, your way!" I've struggled for years with scheduling my day... the small boxes in the monthly calendar didn't give me enough room to write down all I need to do, and I was suddenly having issues with properly allocating time commitments. Thank goodness for the LifePlanner! It's going to be perfect for my business needs... I can't wait to share with you why!

The image above is the front of my planner... personalized! I love that special touch. There were so many cover designs to choose from, but I wanted one that was as colorful as I feel on the inside. There's an option perfect for EVERYONE!

(These planners run a pretty penny, but the value included with it is SO worth it!)

The sweet yellow box the planner came in was delightful! How can you open this box and not be psyched? Their branding follows you through every single item they produce... a designer's dream! Makes me want to design a few custom stickers for product based businesses...!

Underneath the yellow paper made me shriek with glee! All of the items I order plus a few bonus goodies! Is anything more beautiful than office & organizational supplies?

My favorite.. stickers! These are extra sweet around the holidays for gifts! A few inspirationg quote cards to boot... this little trio is what compelled me to share my planner with my audience. It goes to show that the smallest things make a big impact to the consumer!

These three items I purchased from along with my planner. The two sheets are what they call Dashboards and can be inserted into the planner! Part of my 2019 will focus on visualizing my financial goals & sticking to healthy priorities! They are both WET erase boards (the markers erase when water is applied... I never knew there was such a thing!) and I purchased a 4-pack for markers to go with them. My motivation stems from checking things off a list... I can't wait to put these babies to use!

Opening the sweet inside to the planner and lo-and-behold... more samples! They include more stickers & quote cards. Such a simple touch that makes such a big impression on me!

The best part of my LifePlanner are the two features above. For years I've wanted a planner that had the entire month laid out for me, plus weekly scheduling that includes TIME intervals! You can easily purchase one and the other... but never together. My dreams have come true! I've never used a weekly scheduler, so it feels foreign, but I'm looking forward to seeing my days laid out visually!

The quotes throughout this planner are beautiful, both visually and literally. The end pages of the planner are chock full of small stickers to accent days of your year. Who doesn't love a good pack of stickers... c'mon!

The very last page of the planner includes another wet erase board and pockets for storage, but importantly, a yearly celebration calendar! Could this little diva of a planner get any better? Not only is it for CELEBRATION but to keep track of important dates that reoccur every year. It's not dated by year so I can keep this baby forever!

There are days of my year that already are filling up. Today is the day I put my first notes & plans in my 2019 book... when do you purchase your planner? There are so many options out there, I would love to know of a planner that resonates best with YOU! Do you have an Erin Condren planner yourself? Would love your review!

Enjoy these last few days of 2018!

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